It’s time to think twice about your toothpaste.

The difference is night and day. Introducing the new way to take care of your smile.

Start with a smile.

Awakening Morning Toothpaste

Energizing essential oils combined with a power-packed blend of effective ingredients prevent cavities and sensitivity, and help to whiten and freshen all day long.


End with a smile.

Relaxing Evening Toothpaste

Calming essential oils of lavender and vanilla soothe you, while our antioxidant wellness blend helps cleanse, clean and refresh your mouth into the night.

Welcome wellness to toothpaste

We believe you deserve better. Twice combines the most effective benefits without nasty ingredients. Instead, we infuse powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and soothing botanical extracts. Say hello to a healthier mouth and toothpaste reimagined.

Gluten Free



Cruelty Free

Our Beginning

Inspired by the smile

smile twice

We saw firsthand that you can change someone’s life when you unlock the power of their smile. That’s why we started Twice and commit 10% of profits to the GLO Good Foundation, bringing healthy smiles to those in need.

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