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It’s time to think twice about your toothpaste.

The difference is night and day. Introducing the new way to take care of your smile.


Look Good

A healthy mouth lies at the root of everything we do. That’s why we’re forever free of SLS, parabens, charcoal and triclosan. 100% vegan, GF, non-GMO and cruelty-free.

Feel Good

Full of vitamin A, C, E and aloe vera to keep your mouth in its happy place + dentist approved ingredients that’ll show cavities, sensitivity and unwanted stains who’s boss.

Do Good

The first toothpaste born for its purpose. To make people smile. Literally. Every purchase provides life-changing dentistry to someone in need through real non-profit work.


Meet Early Bird.

Awakening + Invigorating

Consider Early Bird your mouth’s minty wake-up call, for whenever it needs to hit refresh. Squeeze a little wintergreen and peppermint into your morning routine to feel clean, confident and ready to take on the day—with a smile, of course.


Meet Twilight.

Calming + Soothing

Like a spa moment for your smile, Twilight puts the “oo” in smooth. Both relaxing and refreshing, lavender, vanilla and peppermint form a dream team of flavors that will become your favorite way to say goodnight.

Twice in the news

"Chic dental care has arrived"

“The philanthropic toothpaste brand of the future"

"Elevates brushing your teeth to a new level of self-care"

"Your twice-a-day ritual just got an upgrade"

"Best Toothpaste - 2019 Grooming Awards"

Smiles on a mission

Every purchase of Twice makes an impact as we commit 10% of profits to the GLO Good Foundation, bringing healthy smiles to those in need. In partnership, we have helped provide over $1MM in free dentistry globally to date.


twice twice

Early Bird


Wintergreen & Peppermint

twice twice



Peppermint, Vanilla & Lavender

twice twice

Four Pack


($6.50 each)


Mini Duo


($5.00 each)

Mini Duo

Try for $5

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How It All Began

Bringing healthy smiles to those in need

smile twice

You change someone’s life when you unlock the power of their smile. That’s why we commit 10% of profits and our toothpaste to the GLO Good Foundation, bringing healthy smiles to those in need.